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Mediating Effect of Self-Efficacy in the Relationship between Parenting Attitude and Rational Career Decision-Making Type of Middle School Students
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 Title & Authors
Mediating Effect of Self-Efficacy in the Relationship between Parenting Attitude and Rational Career Decision-Making Type of Middle School Students
Park, Young-Saing; Byun, Sang-Hae;
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This study was carried out as a preliminary study to analyze the effect of parenting attitudes on the career decision-making types of middle school students. We analyzed the mediating effect of self-efficacy to develop a program that can be implemented jointly at home and at school to help middle school students who are facing the Free Semester System in 2016 to form an ideal career decision-making type. To that end, a survey was conducted with 345 students attending a middle school located in Northern Seoul, and the 335 valid questionnaires were analyzed using SPSS v22. In the sociodemographic analysis, there was no difference in parenting attitudes between groups in terms of religion and family income. The democratic attitude of parents had the greatest impact on the rational career decision-making type, while the permissive attitude had a partial effect. The authoritarian attitude had no effect. Self-efficacy had a mediating effect in only the relationship between democratic parenting attitude and the rational career decision-making type. These findings imply that to help middle school students form a rational career decision-making type, intervention in variables other than self-efficacy is necessary in addition to parent education.
Career;Decision-Making Type;Free Semester System;Parenting Attitude;Self-Efficacy;
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