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Attitudes to Use and Non-use of Information Technology among Elderly Women in Seoul
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 Title & Authors
Attitudes to Use and Non-use of Information Technology among Elderly Women in Seoul
Kim, Myoung-Yong;
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The study was an exploratory research on the awareness of informatization and attitudes to information technology (IT) and its use among elderly women in a metropolitan area. The questionnaire survey was conducted to collect data on IT use or non-use of elderly women aged 60 or older in senior welfare centers in Seoul, Korea. The data on 343 cases were analysed using SPSS 21.0. As a result, the rate of internet use was relatively high and different according to socio-demographic factors, such as age. The elderly women`s attitudes like the levels of awareness and expectation of informatization were positive. Elderly women learned to use IT for psychological, emotional reasons as well as for practical ones, and the satisfaction level of IT use was relatively high. Finally, most IT non-users were indifferent and ignorant about IT use. In addition, the dissatisfaction level of IT non-use was normal, but elderly women had a relatively positive expectation of IT use in the future. This study may contribute to understanding the diverse pictures of IT use and the digital divide in old age, and assist in the development of practical programs and policies for the informatization and welfare for older adults.
Digital divide;Elderly women;Information Technology(IT);Informatization for older adults;Internet use;
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노인의 가구유형에 따른 정보 활용과 삶의 질과의 관계,전병주;곽현주;

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