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Evaluation of press formability of pure titanium sheet
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of press formability of pure titanium sheet
Kim, Young-Suk; In, Jeong-Hun;
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Commercially pure titanium (CP Ti) has been actively used in plate heat exchangers due to its light weight, high specific strength, and excellent corrosion resistance. However, compared with automotive steels and aluminum alloys, there has not been much research on the plastic deformation characteristics and press formability of CP Ti sheet. In this study, the mechanical properties of CP Ti sheet are clarified in relation to press formability, including anisotropic properties and the stress-strain relation. The flow curve of the true stress-true strain relation is fitted well by the Kim-Tuan hardening equation rather than the Voce and Swift models. The forming limit curve (FLC) of CP Ti sheet was experimentally evaluated as a criterion for press formability by punch stretching tests. Analytical predictions were also made via Hora`s modified maximum force criterion. The predicted FLC with the Kim-Tuan hardening model and an appropriate yield function shows good correlation with the experimental results of the punch stretching test.
Forming limit curve;Kim-Tuan hardening equation;Modified maximum force criterion;Pure titanium sheet;Punch stretching test;
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유압벌지실험을 이용한 순 티탄늄 판재의 소성유동곡선 평가(제2보),김영석;김진재;

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