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Influencing factors on female university students` sexual experience and sexual assertiveness
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Influencing factors on female university students` sexual experience and sexual assertiveness
Yee, Nan-Hee; Jung, Joon-Sig; Song, Hyea-Suk;
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This study examined the sexual behaviors, such as sexual experience, sexual attitudes, sexual knowledge of female university students, and to identify the factors that affect sexual assertiveness and to encourage female university students to improve the level of sexual assertiveness. The subjects were 398 single, female students (undergraduate and graduate) from a university in Seoul. The research tool was a self-administered questionnaire. The data obtained was analyzed using a t-test and ANOVA, and regression analysis on SAS 9.3. The sexual intercourse experience rates showed a positive relation with higher age, having religion, more allowance. The sex knowledge showed a positive relation with higher age, major related humanities or science & technology, and more allowance, and sex attitudes had a significantly positive relation with higher age, major related humanities, no religion, and more allowances. The factors affecting sexual assertiveness were sexual attitudes and lower age. Overall, education programs should be developed to encourage sexual assertiveness and sexual attitudes from elementary school.
sexual experience;sexual attitudes;sexual knowledge;sexual assertiveness;female university students;
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간호여대생의 성적 자기주장에 영향을 미치는 요인,최숙희;

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