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Low-Complexity Deeply Embedded CPU and SoC Implementation
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 Title & Authors
Low-Complexity Deeply Embedded CPU and SoC Implementation
Park, Chester Sungchung; Park, Sungkyung;
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This paper proposes a low-complexity central processing unit (CPU) that is suitable for deeply embedded systems, including Internet of things (IoT) applications. The core features a 16-bit instruction set architecture (ISA) that leads to high code density, as well as a multicycle architecture with a counter-based control unit and adder sharing that lead to a small hardware area. A co-processor, instruction cache, AMBA bus, internal SRAM, external memory, on-chip debugger (OCD), and peripheral I/Os are placed around the core to make a system-on-a-chip (SoC) platform. This platform is based on a modified Harvard architecture to facilitate memory access by reducing the number of access clock cycles. The SoC platform and CPU were simulated and verified at the C and the assembly levels, and FPGA prototyping with integrated logic analysis was carried out. The CPU was synthesized at the ASIC front-end gate netlist level using a digital CMOS technology with 1.8V supply, resulting in a gate count of merely 7700 at a 50MHz clock speed. The SoC platform was embedded in an FPGA on a miniature board and applied to deeply embedded IoT applications.
control unit;CPU;EISC;IoT;modified Harvard architecture;multicycle architecture;SoC platform;
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