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Simulation Study of Methyl ethyl ketone-Cyclohexane Azeotrope on the Pressure-Swing Distillation
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 Title & Authors
Simulation Study of Methyl ethyl ketone-Cyclohexane Azeotrope on the Pressure-Swing Distillation
Park, Hoey Kyung; Ahn, June-shu; Cho, Jungho;
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The modelling and optimization of Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)-Cyclohexane (CH) separation process were performed using pressure-swing distillation with a low-high pressure column and a high-low pressure column configuration. The optimization was performed for the number of theoretical stages, and the location of the feed tray of low column and high column to obtain high-purity MEK at the top. The total reboiler heat duty at the low-high pressure column configuration and high-low pressure column configuration were at 11.7667 Mkcal/h and at 10.3484 Mkcal/h, respectively. The results showed that total reboiler heat duty could be reduced to 12.05% using a high-low pressure column configuration.
Azeotrope;Cyclohexane(CH);Methyl Ethyl Ketone(MEK);Pressure-Swing Distillation(PSD);
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