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Market Reaction for KRX SRI Index Revision
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 Title & Authors
Market Reaction for KRX SRI Index Revision
Hwang, Seong-Jun; Kim, Dong-Il;
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In today`s fast-paced capitalistic society, a primary concern is whether to invest capital in any way to increase profits. In recent years, many companies have emphasized ethics and practiced corporate social responsibility activities. These activities are not only required to have at the end of the company. Bringing the ultimate goal of profit maximization is one way to contribute to the development of society and the economy. Investors are aware of corporate social responsibility activities and have begun to reflect this in their investments. We studied the behavior of a newly incorporated company`s stock price on the KRX SRI Index using a scale that indicates the level of social responsibility for companies in the domestic stock market. Socially responsible investment involves an excellent company that looks out and looks for additional effects on the stock price of imports and improves the reliability of investors through an event study. The results show that the company we examined has a positive impact on the market. This study confirms the hypothesis that additional stock market reaction will occur when superior companies are newly incorporated in the KRX SRI Index and gain investors` trust. The results demonstrate that becoming a newly incorporated corporation in the KRX SRI Index is positive information to investors.
CSR;Corporate Social Responsibility;KRX SRI Index;Social Responsibility Investment;stock market;Sustainable Growth;
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