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Analysis on the Influence of Mindfulness Based Compassion Meditation Program for Elderly Women`s Brain Activation and Stress, Who Experienced Loss of Spouse
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 Title & Authors
Analysis on the Influence of Mindfulness Based Compassion Meditation Program for Elderly Women`s Brain Activation and Stress, Who Experienced Loss of Spouse
Kim, Yun-Keum;
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This study examined the influence of a Mindfulness Based Compassion Meditation Program on the brain activation and stress of elderly women who experienced loss of spouse using 2 channel EEG (Electroencephalography). The total number of subjects was 60, consisting of elderly women aged from 65~75years of in Y county; 30 in the experimental group and 30 in the control group who were checked by EEG before and after the study. The study was conducted from August to November, 2015. The Mindfulness Based Compassion Meditation Program was designed for the convergence of body and mind integration with compassion meditation for the purpose of developing love, sympathy, and compassion. The treatment was conducted once a week, for 60 minutes at a time, over a period of 16 weeks. The results in the experimental group showed an increase in the Activity Quotient (ATQ) Rt(82.51/85.83, p<.013) and AntiStress Quotient (ASQ) Lt (74.711/71.17, p<.050). The Activity Quotient shows the mental function and behavior tendency in the brain, while the AntiStress Quotient shows the state of physical and mental relaxation. The Mindfulness Based Compassion Meditation Program was shown to influence the brain activation and stress of the elderly women using the practical application of neuroscience.
Activity Quotient;AntiStress Quotient;Brain Activation;Stress;Mindfulness;Compassion Meditation;Loss of Spouse;
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