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Finding high utility old itemsets in web-click streams
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 Title & Authors
Finding high utility old itemsets in web-click streams
Chang, Joong-Hyuk;
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Web-based services are used widely in many computer application fields due to the increasing use of PCs and mobile devices. Accordingly, topics on the analysis of access logs generated in the application fields have been researched actively to support personalized services in the field, and analyzing techniques based on the weight differentiation of information in access logs have been proposed. This paper outlines an analysis technique for web-click streams, which is useful for finding high utility old item sets in web-click streams, whose data elements are generated at a rapid rate. Using the technique, interesting information can be found, which is difficult to find in conventional techniques for analyzing web-click streams and is used effectively in target marketing. The proposed technique can be adapted widely to analyzing the data generated in a range of computing application fields, such as IoT environments, bio-informatics, etc., which generated data as a form of data streams.
Data streams;Data stream mining;High utility old itemsets;Highly attention itemsets;Web-click streams;
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