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An Integrative Review on Korean Studies Related to Character Education Program for University Students
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 Title & Authors
An Integrative Review on Korean Studies Related to Character Education Program for University Students
Kim, Jeong-Seon; Kim, Han-Na;
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This study examined the characteristics of a character education program for university students by reviewing the Korean studies and incorporating the results. The research method was an integrated literature review, and for the study, 13 articles were selected by searching with key words, such as `university student`, `character`, and `program` in 3 research databases, spanning between 2000 and 2015. The results showed that research on the character education program for university students is common, and have been studied for the purpose of self-knowledge and improvement of sociality. Regarding the effective variables, research on self-esteem has attracted the most attention. Based on the research result, the development of a program including various aspects of character is needed, and character education should be arranged over a long period of time with the cooperation of home, school, and whole society, not a one-time and temporary education.
character;education program;integrative review;university students;
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