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A Study on Influential Factors to the Career Maturity and Entrepreneurial Intention in Youth Entrepreneurship Education
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Influential Factors to the Career Maturity and Entrepreneurial Intention in Youth Entrepreneurship Education
Lee, Hye-Jin; Hwang, In-Ho; Kim, Jin-Soo;
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Career maturity and the acquisition of entrepreneurial knowledge are important in entrepreneurship education for youth, and the environments surrounding youths influence their mental state and academic achievement. This study aims to analyze the influences of an educational program and environment in entrepreneurship education for youths on the mindset and the entrepreneurial intention for proper career decisions according to the education climate and entrepreneurial knowledge. A total of 216 questionnaires were collected from students who participated in a creative and entrepreneurial tour of Incheon. After excluding 30 questionnaires with unreliable responses, 186 were empirically analyzed using SPSS 18.0 and Amos 18.0. The results show that the quality of education service and education environment decide the education climate, and the entrepreneurial knowledge has a positive influence on entrepreneurial intention. This research is significant because it strategically establishes directions for entrepreneurial education and as practical research for achieving outcomes of entrepreneurial education.
Career Maturity;Educational Climate;Educational Environment Quality;Educational Service Quality;Entrepreneurship Education;Entrepreneurial Intention;Entrepreneurial Knowledge;
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