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Evaluation of plastic flow curve of pure titanium sheet using hydraulic bulge test
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of plastic flow curve of pure titanium sheet using hydraulic bulge test
Kim, Young-Suk; Kim, Jin-Jae;
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In this study, the plastic flow curve of commercially pure titanium sheet (CP Ti) actively used in the plate heat exchanger etc., was evaluated. The plastic flow curve known as hardening curve is a key factor needed in conducting finite element analyses (FEA) for the forming process of a sheet material. A hydraulic bulge test was performed on the CP Ti sheet and the strain in this test was measured using the DIC method and ARAMIS system. The measured true stress-true strain curve from the hydraulic bulge test (HBT) was compared with that from the tensile test. The measured true stress-true strain curve from the hydraulic bulge test showed stable plastic flow curve over the strain range of 0.7 which cannot be obtained in the case of the uniaxial tensile test. The measured true stress-true strain curve from the hydraulic bulge test can be fitted well by the hardening equation known as the Kim-Tuan model.
ARAMIS;Digital Image Correction (DIC);Hydraulic bulge test;Kim-Tuan hardening equation;Uniaxial tensile test;
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