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The Expression of Sublime in Gothic Novel - William Faulkner`s A Rose for Emily
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 Title & Authors
The Expression of Sublime in Gothic Novel - William Faulkner`s A Rose for Emily
Ryu, Da-Young;
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We are accustomed to using the word `beautiful` when we see something, but we don`t use the word `sublime` very often. In fact, these two words have totally different meanings and we can say `sublime` only for special objects. The notions and objects of sublime have been studied by numerous philosophers ranging from Longinus to Burke and Kant. According to their studies, we can feel sublimity from objects which give us fear, because the sublime is inherent in fear. Therefore, in this study, we considered the sublime in the gothic novel, A Rose for Emily, in which we can find solemn sublimity in Emily`s iron gray hair, her black suit, and a red rose which stands for blood. In addition, we can feel sublimity in the image of Emily who is waiting for Homer and the image of Homer`s dead body. These kinds of images instill us with fear, but also show us tragic sublimity. The sublime exists in all kinds of literature and, therefore, more studies and analyses of the sublime in literature will likely be conducted.
A Rose for Emily;Gothic novel;Horror;Fear;Sublime;William Faulkner;
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