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Characteristic of Mixing and DO Concentration Distribution in Aeration Tank by Microbubble Supply
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 Title & Authors
Characteristic of Mixing and DO Concentration Distribution in Aeration Tank by Microbubble Supply
Lim, Ji-young; Kim, Hyun-Sik; Park, Dae-Seok; Cho, Young-Gun; Song, Seung-Jun; Park, Soo-Young; Kim, Jin-Han;
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This study examined the DO concentration distribution and ORP distribution using microbubbles on pilot-scale aeration tanks. As a result of MLSS mixing and oxygen transfer phenomenon using microbubbles, different DO concentrations were observed depending on the circulation of the liquid with the microbubble supply location on the lateral of an aeration tank. The simulation results of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) program showed that MLSS mixed with a microbubble supply in the middle the reactor is much better than on the left side of the reactor. A single reactor containing an anaerobic, anoxic, and aerobic zone, was evaluated without partition according to the location of the microbubble supply based on the experiments and CFD analysis. MLSS was separated into solid-liquid by the microbubble supply in the aeration tank. Consequently, selecting the appropriate microbubble size is important for MLSS mixing and was maintained at the proper DO concentration for biological treatment.
Aerator;Dissolved oxygen(DO);Microbubble;Sewage treatment;Single reactor;
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인공호소에서 마이크로 버블 포기에 의한 수리학적 영향반경과 용존산소 분포,최선화;박형석;

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