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Effects of Depression, and Physical Activity on Fatigue among Elderly with Chronic Disease
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Effects of Depression, and Physical Activity on Fatigue among Elderly with Chronic Disease
Lee, Eun-Ju; Park, Euna;
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The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship among the variables and effects of depression and physical activity on fatigue in the elderly with chronic disease. A descriptive research design was employed in this study. In total, 500 elderly patients diagnosed with chronic disease were selected from 3 medical centers for the study. The measurements were used to examine their general characteristics, fatigue, depression, and physical activity. To analyze the data, statistical analyses, including ANOVA, t-test, Scheffe`s test, Pearson`s correlation coefficient, and hierarchical regression analysis, were conducted for the analysis of the data. The results indicated that the age, gender, and educational level in the first step model explained 6% of the effect on fatigue among the elderly with chronic disease. In addition, depression and physical activity in the second step model explained 16% of the effect on fatigue. These findings demonstrate the significance of (considering) depression and physical activity related to care plans when developing health-programs for decreasing fatigue and planning intervention strategies.
Depression;Elderly;Physical activity;
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음주노인의 주관적 건강인식이 우울 변화 궤적에 미치는 영향,박규희;허원구;

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