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Prediction of Assistance Force for Opening/Closing of Automobile Door Using Support Vector Machine
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 Title & Authors
Prediction of Assistance Force for Opening/Closing of Automobile Door Using Support Vector Machine
Yang, Hac-Jin; Shin, Hyun-Chan; Kim, Seong-Kun;
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We developed a prediction model of assistance force for the opening/closing of an automobile door depending on the condition of the parking ground. The candidates of the learning models for the operating assistance force were compared to determine the proper force according to the slope and user`s force, etc. The reduced experimental model was developed to obtain learning data for the estimation model. The learning algorithm was composed to predict the assistance force to incorporate real assistance force data. Among these algorithms, an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Support Vector Machine(SVM) were applied and the adaptability was compared between these models. The SVM provided more adaptability for the learning process of the door assistance force prediction. This paper proposes a system for determining the assistance force to control a door motor to compensate for the deviation of required door force in the slope condition, as needed in the plane condition.
Artificial Neural Network(ANN);Assistance Force;Mechanism;OEM Door;Support Vector Machine(SVM);
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