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A study on measurement of the pollution levels and disinfection of medical radiation shielding for lead apron
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 Title & Authors
A study on measurement of the pollution levels and disinfection of medical radiation shielding for lead apron
Kim, Hyeon-Ju;
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This study compared and analyzed the pollution levels of radiation shielding aprons and ways to sterilize them using 30 lead aprons. After collecting samples from the center of the lead apron, where contact is most frequent, experiments were conducted employing Coagula and Latex methods. Using the culture medium where bacteria grew, measurements of the pathogen count and identification were performed. The greatest number of pathogens were , which were detected on the lead apron from general X-ray room #2, but there was no significant difference according to the facilities (p > 0.05). Compared to how many pathogens remained between using the disinfectant ethanol and tissue, the pathogens decreased by (p < 0.05) after using disinfectant ethanol and by (p < 0.05) after using disinfectant tissue. The Pearson correlation test revealed a significant correlation (-0.296, p < 0.05) between them. According to this research, there were pathogens on the lead aprons and the number of pathogens was determined by statistical analysis. It is expected that the rate of radiology technologists, patients, and medical equipment infected by pathogens will be reduced by the proper use of sterilization with a disinfectant ethanol.
Lead Apron;Disinfection;Disinfection Ethanol;Disinfection wipe;Pollution;
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