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Hemiplegic Experience after Stroke among Middle Aged Man
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 Title & Authors
Hemiplegic Experience after Stroke among Middle Aged Man
Oh, Soo-Yong; Lee, Jeong-Seop;
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This study is a qualitative one that used a phenomenological study method to provide basic data for nursing practice by understanding the essence and meaning of middle aged men`s hemiplegic experience after stroke. At D hospital which is located in S city, 8 hemiplegic participants who were hospitalized between 24th November, 2014, and 6th December, 2014, participated in in-depth interviews. The experiences of the participants were categorized into 6 criteria, viz. `Thorny path on a long journey`, `Broken brakes`, `Crossroads of the mind`, `Burden of head of household`, `Signpost that lights the darkness`, and `Route to a second life`, and 16 theme clusters were included in these categories. As the sequelae and complications, such as physical pain, psychological conflict and role disorder, due to stoke in middle aged men, seriously affect their quality of life, this study attempted to understand the effect of these problems and provide new insight into nursing practice. Also, it is important to prevent the recurrence of stroke in the patients, facilitate their recovery, and help them to maintain healthy lives through the reestablishment of their role in the home and society, including through the resolution of their physical and psychological problems.
experience;hemiparalysis;middle-aged man;phenomenology;stroke;
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