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Performance Analysis of the Flooded Refrigerant Evaporators for Large Tonnage Compression-Type Refrigerators Using Alternative Refrigerants
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Performance Analysis of the Flooded Refrigerant Evaporators for Large Tonnage Compression-Type Refrigerators Using Alternative Refrigerants
Kim, Nae-Hyun;
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Enhanced tubes are used widely in the evaporators of large tonnage compression-type refrigerators. The evaporators consist of tube bundles, and the refrigerant properties are dependent on the locations in the tube bundles. In particular, the saturation temperatures of low pressure refrigerants (R-11, R-123) are strongly dependent on the locations due to the saturation temperature-pressure curve characteristics. Therefore, for the proper design of evaporators, local property predictions of the refrigerants are necessary. In this study, a computer program that simulates the flooded refrigerant evaporators was developed. The program incorporated theoretical models to predict the refrigerant shell-side boiling heat transfer coefficients and pressure drops across the tube bundle. The program adopted an incremental iterative procedure to perform row-by-row calculations over the specified incremental tube lengths for each water-side pass. The program was used to simulate the flooded refrigerant evaporator of the "T" company operating with R-123, which yielded satisfactory results. The program was extended to predict the performance of the flooded refrigerant evaporator operating with R-11, R-123, and R-134a. The effects of bundle aspect ratio are investigated.
Flooded refrigerant evaporator;Computer simulation;Performance analysis;R-11;R-123;R-134a;
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