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Return-to-Work Experiences among Nurses after Receiving Cancer Treatment
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 Title & Authors
Return-to-Work Experiences among Nurses after Receiving Cancer Treatment
Kim, Mi-Hye; Kim, Jeong-Seon; Kim, Han-Na;
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The purpose this study was to explore the return-to-work experience of nurses after receiving cancer treatment. The participants of this research were 6 registered nurses who were working when they were diagnosed with cancer. Data were collected by individual in-depth interviews from January 5 to January 29, 2016 and analyzed using phenomenological methodology by Colaizzi(1978). The study results revealed that the return-to-work experiences of nurses after receiving cancer treatment may be categorized as `Enduring hardly`, `Living a balance in my turning point`, `Reborn` and may be identified with 9 theme clusters and 27 themes. Their experience of returning to work as a nurse after cancer treatment consisted of expressing difficulty in handling both work and treatment. Despite that, they came to live a more mature life after their disease and came to affirm their existence through their work. Thus, an improved working environment to manage both work and treatment and continual support and assistance from society is deemed necessary.
cancer treatment;phenomenological study;return-to-work experiences;
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온라인 커뮤니티 분석을 통한 유방암 생존자의 직업 관련 경험 연구,배가령;권선영;

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