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The Effect of the Health Education Program for Mothers with Developmental Disabled Children on Health Care Behavior and Parenting Stress
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 Title & Authors
The Effect of the Health Education Program for Mothers with Developmental Disabled Children on Health Care Behavior and Parenting Stress
Kim, Hye-Young;
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This study was conducted to develop a health education program to help mother`s cope with developmentally disabled children`s health, and to test the effects of the program. The contents of the health education program were based on the results of a discussion with experts and previous studies. The program consisted of two parts, physical health and psychosocial health, which were measured over 4 weeks. The results of the study showed that the program helped mothers improve the level of health care and reduce parenting stress level. These findings suggest that studies for handicapped children`s health should be conducted in the future using an interdisciplinary approach.
Developmental disabled child;Mother;Health care;Parenting stress;Health education;
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아동 부모의 스마트폰 기반 건강교육에 대한 요구도 조사,김신정;이정민;민혜영;

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