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Analyses of Studies on Exercise Therapy for Middle-Age Women with Chronic Low Back Pain in Korea
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 Title & Authors
Analyses of Studies on Exercise Therapy for Middle-Age Women with Chronic Low Back Pain in Korea
Kwak, Hyeweon; Kim, Nahyun;
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This study examined the status of studies on exercise interventions for middle-aged women with chronic low back pain that had been conducted over the past 10 years (2005-2014) in Korea. The existing reports were searched electronically using the database of RISS, National Assembly Library, KISS, and DBpia with the key words of middle-aged women, chronic low back pain, exercise, and exercise program. Finally, 12 articles were included in the review. One article was from nursing science, and 11 were from other disciplines. In a qualitative evaluation on the papers, 1 study scored 8 out of 10 points, 8 studies scored between 5-6 points, and 3 studies scored 3-4 points. Intervention sessions were conducted for 55 minutes, on average, each at a frequency of 3.1 sessions per week, for a total of 29.7 sessions. This study found that lumbar neuromuscular exercise, yoga exercise, and aquatic exercise were effective in rehabilitation in middle-aged women with chronic low back pain. In the future, these findings are expected to be used in nursing intervention for the establishment of the basis for evidence-based nursing practice.
Chronic Pain;Exercise Therapy;Literature Review;Low Back Pain;Middle Aged;
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