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Predictors of Weight Control Behavior According to College Students` BMI, Perception of Body Shape, Obesity Stress, and Self-Esteem
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 Title & Authors
Predictors of Weight Control Behavior According to College Students` BMI, Perception of Body Shape, Obesity Stress, and Self-Esteem
Kim, Jong-Im;
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This study was conducted to identify factors influencing the weight control behavior of college students. The subjects included college students in the C area, and data were collected through a self reported structured questionnaire from Dec 01 to 20 of 2015. Overall, 289 subjects were analyzed. Analyses consisted of descriptive statistics, t-tests, ANOVA, Pearson`s correlation analysis, and stepwise multiple regression analysis. The findings showed a prominent distortion of college students` perceptions of their bodies based on evaluation by others and obesity stress, which had special impacts on their weight control behavior. Weight control behavior, body self-awareness (r
Body-shape perception;Obesity;Obesity Stress;Weight Control Behavior;
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