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Foodservice Satisfaction of Patients over 60 according to the Type of Foodservice Operation: The Case of B Hospital
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 Title & Authors
Foodservice Satisfaction of Patients over 60 according to the Type of Foodservice Operation: The Case of B Hospital
Lee, Shin Hey; Choi, Jung Hwa;
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This study measures patients' meal satisfaction according to the type of operation (self-operation and contract operation) and identifies improvement areas. A survey was conducted using 183 contract operation patients and 60 self-operation patients receiving general meals. The mean score for satisfaction for the whole sample was 3.42 (self-operation = 3.51; contract operation = 3.39), and self-operation satisfaction was significantly higher than contract operation satisfaction. Mean scores were 2.98 for food, 3.26 for menu composition, 3.57 for sanitation, 3.78 for distribution meal services, and 3.50 for menu information. Self-operation showed a higher satisfaction level than the contract operation in food and menu composition. The ccontract operation showed a higher level of satisfaction than self-operation in sanitation, distribution meal services, and menu information. In terms of feeling dissatisfaction with meal services, both groups showed the highest dissatisfaction with food and menus, and both groups agreed on food and menus that required the greatest improvement. Based on the results, contract operation managers should develop and apply menus considering their preferences. Dietitians of self-operation strengthen communication between meal service staff and patients by carrying out periodic and systematic service education on self-operation.
foodservice;satisfaction;elderly patients;self-operation;contract operation;
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