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A Framework and Evaluation Index Design for Establishing Agricultural Work Safety and Health Farm Certification Systems in Korea
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 Title & Authors
A Framework and Evaluation Index Design for Establishing Agricultural Work Safety and Health Farm Certification Systems in Korea
Kim, Insoo; Chae, Hye-Seon; Lee, Kyung-Suk; Kim, Kyung-Ran;
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This study establishes a safe and healthy farm certification system for Korean farmers and presents the certification system and assessment items. Existing certification systems for safety and health were compared through a review of local and international studies as well as an examination of advanced examples. Then the certification system and assessment items were objectively verified through an expert evaluation process. As a result, four domains of certification participation, implementation, certification evaluation, and post management were identified as components of the certification system. For assessment measures, 6 categories, 21 factors, and 96 items were derived. The results are expected to be used as basic data in establishing a foundation for the implementation and operation of a certification system appropriate for distinct characteristics of the Korean agricultural sector.
safety & health certification system;agricultural work;framework;evaluation index;
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한우 사육자 작업환경 및 작업복과 보호구 착용 실태 분석,김인수;이경숙;채혜선;김경수;최동필;김효철;

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