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The Effects of Brand Personality on Service Experience Satisfaction, Price Value Satisfaction, and Repurchase Intention
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 Title & Authors
The Effects of Brand Personality on Service Experience Satisfaction, Price Value Satisfaction, and Repurchase Intention
Seo, Injoo;
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This study aims to observe the brand personality of foreign airlines and analyze which brand personality best influences service experience satisfaction, price-value satisfaction, and reusing intention. Moreover, it attempts to determine if there is a difference in service experience satisfaction, price-value satisfaction, and reusing intention according to brand personality. A questionnaire was distributed to 1621 consumers; of these, 1500 were used for final data analysis. Results are as follows. First, a factor analysis was used to investigate the brand personality, and three factors were identified: confidence/competence, sophistication, and dynamic. Second, we investigated the influences a brand personality has on service experience satisfaction, price-value satisfaction, and reusing intention. The confidence/competence of a brand personality showed the greatest influence on service experience satisfaction, price-value satisfaction, and reusing intention. Also, price sensitivity satisfaction had the greatest impact on reusing intentions.
brand personality;service experience satisfaction;price value satisfaction;reusing intention;
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