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The Hypolipidemic Effect of Allium Hookeri in Rats Fed with a High Fat Diet
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 Title & Authors
The Hypolipidemic Effect of Allium Hookeri in Rats Fed with a High Fat Diet
Lee, Joomin;
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This study evaluated the effect of Allium hookeri roots on lipid metabolism of the serum, liver, and adipose tissues induced by a high-fat diet in male Sprague-Dawley rats. The rats were divided into four groups with 8 rats per group for 4 weeks: the normal-diet group (N), the high-fat diet (HFD) group, the HFD containing 3% Allium hookeri (HFD-A3) group, and the HFD containing 5% Allium hookeri (HFD-A5) group. The results showed that the body weight gain and food intake of rats in the HFC-A3 and HFC-A5 groups were significantly decreased compared with those in the HFD group. The epididymal adipose tissue weight in the HFD-A5 group was significantly decreased compared with those in the HFD group, and adipose tissue weights of liver and mesenteric adipose tissues in the HFD-A3 and HFD-A5 groups were significantly decreased compared with those in the HFD group. Serum triglyceride, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol concentrations, atherogenic index, and cardiac risk factor were significantly lower in the HFD-A3 and HFD-A5 groups than in the HFD group. Serum lipid profiles, as well as ALT and AST activities did not show any difference in all groups. Serum ALP and LDH activities were suppressed in the HFD-A5 group compared with those in the HFD group. The hepatic triglyceride and total cholesterol levels of rats in the HFD-A5 group was significantly lower than those in the HFD group. Moreover, triglyceride and total cholesterol in the epididymal and mesenteric adipose tissues were significantly lower in the HFD-A5 group than in the HFD group. These results demonstrated that the intake of Allium hookeri showed a hypolipidemic effect, changing the lipid metabolsim of a high-fat diet induced rats.
Allium Hookeri;hypolipidemic activity;lipid profile;
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