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Effect of Young Barley Leaf Powder on Glucose Control in the Diabetic Rats
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Young Barley Leaf Powder on Glucose Control in the Diabetic Rats
Son, Hee-Kyoung; Lee, Yu-Mi; Park, Yong-Hyun; Lee, Jae-Joon;
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This study examined the anti-diabetic effects of young barley leaf powder in rats with streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetes. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into the non-diabetic (N) and diabetic groups, and fed the following for four weeks. The diabetic groups were further subdivided into three experimental groups: a diabetic control group (STZ), a diabetic group fed 5% barley leaf powder (STZ-BL), and a diabetic group fed 10% barley leaf powder (STZ-BH). Food and water intakes were higher in the diabetic groups than in the N group. Body weight gain was higher in the STZ-BL and STZ-BH groups compared with the STZ group, but there were no significant changes in body weight gain between the diabetic groups. The serum glucose and fructosamine levels were lower in the STZ-BL and STZ-BH groups than in the STZ group. The levels of serum insulin were higher in the STZ-BL and STZ-BH groups than in the STZ group. Serum ALT, AST and ALP activities decreased in the STZ-BL and STZ-BH groups compared with the STZ group, but there was no difference. These results indicate that dietary supplementation of barley leaf powder can attenuate clinical symptoms of diabetes in rats with STZ-induced diabetes.
young barley leaf powder;streptozotocin;diabetes;blood glucose;insulin;
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보리순의 영양성분과 항산화 효과,손희경;이유미;이재준;

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