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Altitudinal Pattern of Evapotranspiration and Water Need for Upland Crops in Jeju Island
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 Title & Authors
Altitudinal Pattern of Evapotranspiration and Water Need for Upland Crops in Jeju Island
Kim, Chul Gyum; Kim, Nam Won;
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A method of estimating irrigation water need based on water balance and net water consumption concept is proposed, and applied to four watersheds in order to assess the regional and altitudinal characteristics of evapotranspiration and water need for upland crops in Jeju Island. Potential and actual evapotranspiration, and net water need were calculated during the period 1992 to 2013 using SWAT-K watershed model. The annual potential evapotranspiration decreased linearly with increasing elevation, while actual evapotranspiration showed increase with elevation to 400 m around and gradual decrease at higher elevation due to vegetation species, water availability, and cold limitation. Altitudinal pattern of net water need showed linear decrease with increasing elevation for three watersheds (Han-cheon, Cheonmi-cheon, and Oedo-cheon), and annual values of net water need for upland areas (below 200 m in elevation) were 559~680mm/yr. The comparison between actual pumping rate from wells and net water need for irrigation area showed that the amount of pumping water significantly increased during summer season (June to August), while net water need for crop cultivation relatively decreased during this period. To ensure these results, more water use data from pumping wells and additional watersheds should be investigated in the next study.
Jeju Island;water need;evapotranspiration;water balance;altitudinal pattern;
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유역모형을 활용한 제주도 한천 유역의 관측유량 평가 및 보완,김철겸;김남원;

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