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Numerical Simulation on Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifer using N-S Solver Based on Porous Body Model
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 Title & Authors
Numerical Simulation on Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifer using N-S Solver Based on Porous Body Model
Lee, Woo-Dong; Jeong, Yeong-Han; Hur, Dong-Soo;
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This study applies 3-D N-S solver based on PBM (Porous Body Model), LED-WASS-3D ver 2.0 to directly analyze non-linear interaction of seawater-freshwater-coastal aquifer in order to simulate the seawater infiltration into coastal aquifer. This numerical simulation is the first trial in Korea, as well as unusual and new numerical analysis abroad. Firstly, to validate the applied numerical model, the validity and effectiveness was verified for the numerical model by comparing and considering it with the result of laboratory experiment for seawater-freshwater interface in coastal aquifer. And then it simulated the seawater infiltration into coastal aquifer considering the changed levels of seawater and groundwater in order to analyze the distribution characteristics of flow field and seawater-freshwater interface of coastal aquifer as the level difference between seawater and groundwater and rate of seawater level () increased. In addition, the characteristics of seawater infiltration were analyzed from the vertical salinity in the coastal aquifer by , which cannot be obtained from existing non-diffusion numerical models. Finally, it analyzed the effect of on the seawater infiltration distance in coastal aquifer, which was indexed.
coastal aquifer;seawater intrusion;salt wedge;PBM (porous body model);3-D N-S Solver (LES-WASS-3D);
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