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Determination of Optimal Hourly Water Intake Amount for H Arisu Purification Center using Linear Programming
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 Title & Authors
Determination of Optimal Hourly Water Intake Amount for H Arisu Purification Center using Linear Programming
Lee, Chulsoo; Lee, Kangwon;
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Currently, the H purification plant determines the hourly water intake amount based on operator experience and skill. Therefore, inevitably, there are deviations among operators. While meeting time-varying demand and maintaining the proper water level in the clean water reservoir, the methodology for minimizing electricity cost, when dealing with different electricity rate time zones, is a very complicated problem, which is beyond an operator`s capability. To solve this problem, a linear programming (LP) model is proposed, which can determine the optimal hourly water intake amount for minimizing the daily electricity cost. It is shown that an inaccurate estimate for the hourly water usage in the demand areas causes the water level constraint to be violated, which is the weak point of the proposed LP method. However, several examples with real-field data show that we can practically and safely solve this problem with safety margins. It is also shown that the safety margin method still works effectively whether the estimate is accurate or not. The operators need not attend the site at all times under the proposed LP method, and we can additionally expect reductions in labor costs.
water purification plant;water intake station;linear programming;demand forecast;
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