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Development of dam inflow simulation technique coupled with rainfall simulation and rainfall-runoff model
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 Title & Authors
Development of dam inflow simulation technique coupled with rainfall simulation and rainfall-runoff model
Kim, Tae-Jeong; So, Byung-Jin; Ryou, Min-Suk; Kwon, Hyun-Han;
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Generally, a natural river discharge is highly regulated by the hydraulic structures, and the regulated flow is substantially different from natural inflow characteristics for the use of water resources planning. The natural inflow data are necessarily required for hydrologic analysis and water resources planning. This study aimed to develop an integrated model for more reliable simulation of daily dam inflow. First, a piecewise Kernel-Pareto distribution was used for rainfall simulation model, which can more effectively reproduce the low order moments (e.g. mean and median) as well as the extremes. Second, a Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo scheme was applied for the SAC-SMA rainfall-runoff model that is able to quantitatively assess uncertainties associated with model parameters. It was confirmed that the proposed modeling scheme is capable of reproducing the underlying statistical properties of discharge, and can be further used to provide a set of plausible scenarios for water budget analysis in water resources planning.
Discharge;Rainfall Simulation;Bayesian;Rainfall-Runoff Model;
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