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Improved Method to Increase Conidia Production from Isolates of Different Pathotypes of Citrus Scab Pathogen Elsinoe spp.
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  • Journal title : Research in Plant Disease
  • Volume 21, Issue 3,  2015, pp.231-234
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Plant Pathology
  • DOI : 10.5423/RPD.2015.21.3.231
 Title & Authors
Improved Method to Increase Conidia Production from Isolates of Different Pathotypes of Citrus Scab Pathogen Elsinoe spp.
Hyun, Jae-Wook; Paudyal, Dilli Prasad; Hwang, Rok-Yeon;
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Elsinoe fawcettii and E. australis are two currently recognized scab pathogens of citrus. E. fawcettii has at least six pathotypes while E. australis has at least two pathotypes. Colonies of E. fawcettii and E. australis do not sporulate in artificial media including potato dextrose agar (PDA). Whiteside`s method has been widely used for preparing conidial inoculum in vitro. This study was carried out to develop efficient method for conidia production from artificial media. We developed a shaking method which included the following steps: 1) Colony grown on PDA was mashed with a steel spatula; 2) Mycelia fragments were cultured in 50 ml sterilized rain water in a rotary shaker-incubator (180 rpm) at for 24 h: 3) The conidia suspension was filtered through two layers of cheesecloth. Average conidia production of all isolates tested using this shaking method was approximately 13.1 times higher than that from Whiteside`s method in this study.
Conidia production;Elsinoe australis;E. fawcettii;Shaking method;
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