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Assessing Frogeye Leaf Spot Resistance on Recommended Soybean Cultivars
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  • Journal title : Research in Plant Disease
  • Volume 21, Issue 3,  2015, pp.243-249
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Plant Pathology
  • DOI : 10.5423/RPD.2015.21.3.243
 Title & Authors
Assessing Frogeye Leaf Spot Resistance on Recommended Soybean Cultivars
Kang, In Jeong; Shim, Hyeong Kwon; Shin, Dong Bum; Roh, Jae Hwan; Goh, Jaeduk; Heu, Sunggi;
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Soybean frogeye leaf spot caused by the fungus Cercospora sojina Hara, has known to lead a severe reduction of crop yield. Since frogeye leaf spot on soybean has recently become a serious problem in Korea, the susceptibility of recent recommended cultivars against C. sojina had been tested. To standardize the disease severity of soybean, the optimum sporulation condition of C. sojina and the disease index were established in this study. Sporulation was maximized on the 10% V8 juice agar with 12 h light and 12 h dark at . Spore suspension () was sprayed on the leaves of soybean (V6 stage), and the disease responses to each isolate were evaluated on 28 days after inoculation. As a result, Daepung, Shinpaldal2ho, Yeonpung and Cheonga showed the resistance reaction to 8, 7, 6, 6 isolates of C. sojina, respectively, whereas Cheongja, Hwangkeum, Taekwang, Daewon, Cheonsang and Sinhwa showed the susceptible reaction to 8 isolates of C. sojina. Breeding the resistant soybean cultivars against C. sojina requires a uniform resistance for screening technique. The disease index of frogeye leaf spot on soybean developed in this study can be effectively used for the accurate field assay to select the frogeye leaf spot resistant soybean.
Cercospora sojina Hara;Resistance;Soybean;
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