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Metabolism of Lactate Dehydrogenase in Tissues from Ldh-C Expressed Fish at Starved State
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  • Journal title : Journal of Life Science
  • Volume 26, Issue 2,  2016, pp.155-163
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Life Science
  • DOI : 10.5352/JLS.2016.26.2.155
 Title & Authors
Metabolism of Lactate Dehydrogenase in Tissues from Ldh-C Expressed Fish at Starved State
Yum, Jung Joo; Kim, Gyu Dong;
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Metabolism of lactate dehydrogenase (EC, LDH) was studied to identify the function of LDH-C. Tissues of LDH liver-specific Ldh-C expressed Carassius auratus and eye-specific Ldh-C expressed Lepomis macrochirus after starvation were studied. LDH activity in liver tissue from C. auratus was increased after starvation. And LDH specific activity (units/mg) and LDH/CS were increased in tissues. It means the anaerobic metabolism was taking place in C. auratus after starvation. LDH B4 isozyme was decreased in skeletal muscle and increased in heart tissue. LDH C4 isozymes those showed in eye and brain tissues were identified as liver-specific C4 isozymes and disappeared after starvation. And C hybrid in eye, A4 isozyme in brain, and both C hybrid and C4 isozyme in liver tissue were increased, respectively. In L. macrochirus, the level of variation of LDH activities was low but greatly increased especially in eye tissue and LDH A4 and AC hybrid were increased in brain tissue. The LDH activities in tissues from C. auratus and L. macrochirus remained 30.30-18.64% and 25-18.75%, respectively, as a result of the inhibition by 10 mM of pyruvate. The KmPYR values of LDH in C. auratus were increased. As a result, LDH liver-specific C4 isozyme was expressed in liver, brain and eye tissues during starvation. It seems metabolism of lactate was predominant in brain tissue. After starvation, the liver-specific LDH-C was affected more than eye-specific LDH-C.
Carassius auratus;KmPYR;lactate dehydrogenase;Lepomis macrochirus;starvation;
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환경온도에 대한 파랑볼우럭(Lepomis macrochirus) 젖산탈수소효소 동위효소들의 대사조절,구보라;조성규;염정주;

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