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Privacy Preserving Top-k Location-Based Service with Fully Homomorphic Encryption
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 Title & Authors
Privacy Preserving Top-k Location-Based Service with Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Hur, Miyoung; Lee, Younho;
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We propose a privacy-preserving location-based service (LBS) which supports top-k search service. The previous schemes hurt the privacy of either the user and the location of the objects because they are sent to the LBS server in a plaintext form. In the proposed method, by encrypting them with the fully-homomorphic encryption, we achieved the top-k search is possible while the information on them is not given to the LBS server. We performed a simulation on the proposed scheme with 16 locations where k is 3. The required time is 270 hours in a conventional desktop machine, which seems infeasible to be used in practice. However, as the progress of the hardware, the performance will be improved.
Privacy protection;Top-k search;Location based service;Security;
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