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A Method for build an Ontology-based Component Semantic Search System for Reconfiguration of Weapon System
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 Title & Authors
A Method for build an Ontology-based Component Semantic Search System for Reconfiguration of Weapon System
Seo, Dong Jin; Seo, Yoonho;
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Recently in the field of defense Modeling and Simulation (M&S), Component-Based Development technology is widely applying to save the cost and increase the reusability of weapon system development. Related with this, researches for rapid reconfiguration and simulation of the component-standardized weapon system is actively carrying out. To rapidly reconfigure the new weapon system, complex and various functions of component information has to be effectively searched. So, it requires differentiated search technique unlike existing Keyword-based Search method. Semantic Search System provides semantically related information among the extensive information. In this research, metadata of weapon system components and their representative functional words are built as an ontology. And it provides an ontology-based semantic search system.
Ontology;Metadata;Weapon system;Component;Semantic search;
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