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Case Study of Accumulated Tolerance Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation for a Portable Medical Appliance
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 Title & Authors
Case Study of Accumulated Tolerance Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation for a Portable Medical Appliance
Lee, Young Hoon; Moon, Dug Hee;
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Tolerances are defined as the allowable variations in the geometry and positioning of parts in a mechanical assembly for assuring its proper functionality. Tolerance analysis is the activity related to estimating the potential accumulated variation in assemblies. If the estimated variances go out of the specified ranges, it causes the quality problem. Thus, we should adjust the tolerances and this activity is called as tolerance design. In this paper, a case study on the accumulated tolerance analysis and design using Monte Carlo simulation is introduced, which is applied for developing a portable medical device. Using the simulation study, we can improve the assemblability and functionality of the product.
Tolerance analysis;Tolerance design;Monte Carlo simulation;Medical appliance;
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