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Somatic embryo induction and plant regeneration from cold-stored embryogenic callus of K. septemlobus
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  • Journal title : Journal of Plant Biotechnology
  • Volume 42, Issue 4,  2015, pp.388-395
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Plant Biotechnology
  • DOI : 10.5010/JPB.2015.42.4.388
 Title & Authors
Somatic embryo induction and plant regeneration from cold-stored embryogenic callus of K. septemlobus
Lee, Na Nyum; Choi, Yong Eui; Moon, Heung Kyu;
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Somatic embryogenesis is as an excellent technology for potential use in plant mass production, germplasm conservation, or genetic engineering. We examined the effect of cold storage using 3 embryogenic callus lines with different levels of embryogenesis competence derived from immature zygotic embryo cultures of Kalopanax setemlobus. Somatic embryo induction, germination and plant conversion were evaluated after 1, 3 and 6 months storage at in the dark. Most cold-stored embryogenic calli formed somatic embryos normally even after 6 months; however, the induction rate was gradually decreased by increasing the storage period. The most competent line tended to show a slight decline in somatic embryo induction rate, as compared with other lines after cold storage. In general, cold storage resulted in reduced somatic embryo germination and plant regeneration, although 93% somatic embryo germination and 91% plant conversion were achieved regardless of the storage period. Cold storage led to cell browning and degradation. Additionally, the cell structures were confirmed by the aceto-carmine and evans blue dye evaluation. Collectively, our results showed that embryogenic callus of K. septemlobus could be preserved at without subculture for 6 months, and suggested the need for storage of relatively more competent embryogenic calli lines to support somatic embryo induction.
Cold storage;Embryogenic callus;Somatic embryo germination;Kalopanax setemlobus;Plant conversion;
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식물세포배양기술을 이용한 순무 캘러스 추출물의 생리활성,신수영;모상현;황유진;

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