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Features of Attention Shown at Continuous Observation of Department-Store Space
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Features of Attention Shown at Continuous Observation of Department-Store Space
Choi, Gae-Young;
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This research, which has been planned to appreciate the features of continuous observation of space, has applied the procedure of acquiring continuous visual information when the act of watching takes place along the time to analyze the space characteristics through the scenes and time so that the features of attention shown in the process of acquiring visual information at the time of observing continuous scenes might be estimated. For analysis of the features of continuous observation was set up the premise that the features of observation and perception vary depending on gender, when the women shops in department stores were selected as research objects. The observation features found at the time of continuous observation of selling spaces in department stores were focused on two analysis methods in order to compare the differences and characteristics of the two. The followings are the findings. First, the area with predominant observation was found to be 87.1% in both methods. It was found that the analysis of observation features by "Analysis I" was useful for inter-sectional comparison of continuous images. Second, in case of extracting predominant sections, the ceiling or the structures which are the backgrounds rarely attracted any eyes. Depending on analysis method, there was the gap of 14.3%~25.0% between observed sections. Third, in case that the hall is curved, the eyes were found to be expanded from side to side and up and down. The review of observation numbers of predominant sections makes it possible to decide whether it should be regarded as (1) unstability or (2) expanding search, and when the images are enlarged from distant view to close-range view, the weakening vanishing point results in the increase of expanded search of surroundings. Accordingly, it was found that the characteristics of images has effects on the observation features when any space was continuously observed. Furthermore, the difference of analysis methods also was found to be likely to cause big differences in the results of analyzing observation features.
Department Store;Continuous Observation;Attention;Observation Features;
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