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Creating Cultural Cluster through Reuse of Industrial Heritage in the Inner city - Case Studies of M50, BankART1929, ARTPlatform -
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Creating Cultural Cluster through Reuse of Industrial Heritage in the Inner city - Case Studies of M50, BankART1929, ARTPlatform -
Park, So-Yeon; Lee, Kyung-Hoon;
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This research aims to find planning issues on reuse of an industrial heritage as a cultural cluster and to suggest planning factors which can be referred when designing the similar cases. Analysis standards were formed through reviewing of precedent literatures, and the selected cases(i.e Shanghai M50, Yokohama BankART1929, and Incheon ArtPlatform) were analyzed to identify both physical and nonphysical planning characteristics. By combining analyses, the following results were obtained; (1) The demand and supply of the arts coexist in one place, and the studios and galleries are designed with high ceilings; (2) The regional and historical characteristics are revealed from preserving major architectural elements of previous buildings, and open spaces are provided to promote a variety of activities for local residents; (3) Various strategies to overcome disadvantage in location are developed, and the concepts of design can be easily recognized by buildings` exterior as the reused industrial heritage and the cultural cluster; (4) Diverse supports for artists make it possible to gather many competent artists, and the cooperative networks among artists play a pivotal role in the development of cultural cluster; (5) The cluster runs educational programs reflecting the needs of local residents, and builds a strong relationship with the local community by supporting regional art industry or developing linked programs; (6) The cluster serves various functions such as cafes, pubs, restaurants, art shops, and bookstores, and hosts appealing events and festivals to attract many people even who are not interested in arts.
Industrial Heritage;Abandoned Industrial Facility;Regeneration;Cultural Cluster;Planning Factors;
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