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A Study on the Attention Concentration Properties in Convergent Exploration Situations in Cafe Space - Focusing on Gaze and Brain wave Data Analysis -
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Attention Concentration Properties in Convergent Exploration Situations in Cafe Space - Focusing on Gaze and Brain wave Data Analysis -
Kim, Jong-Ha; Kim, Ju-Yeon; Kim, Sang-Hee;
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This study analyzed the attention concentration tendencies of one(1) subject who showed convergent exploratory acts actively through the gaze-brainwave measurement experiment of cafe space images and our research findings are as follows. First, the areas of interest (AOIs) that the subject gazed visually by paying attention to it and concentrating on it at a cafe space include counter&menu area, sign area, partition area, image wall area, stairs area, and movable furniture area, and built-in furniture area: seven areas in total. Second, conscious gaze frequency appeared the highest in counter&menu area, and conscious gaze appeared more later than in initial times. Third, conscious gaze pattern was divided into the zone that explored various areas dispersely (distributed exploratory zone) and the zone that explored between particular areas concentratedly (intensive exploratory zone). Fourth, as a result of analyzing the brainwave attention concentration, it was found that the attention concentration in prefrontal lobe (Fp1, Fp2) and frontal lobe (F3, F4) rose to a higher level in the zone of 15 to 16 seconds and this time zone was considered to be a zone where gazing at counter&menu area was very active. In addition, the attention concentration appeared higher in the initial zone than in the later zone, among the entire experimental time zones. Finally, as a result of analyzing the changes in activation by brain portion of the SMR wave expressed when maintaining the arousal and attention concentration, it was found that the right prefrontal lobe and the frontal lobe became activated in the time zone when the intensive exploration of "counter&menu area" and "movable furniturebuilt-in furniture area" had occurred and the time zone when the intensive exploration of "image wallpartition area" and "counter&menusign area" had occurred.
Cafe Space;Convergent Exploration;Attention Concentration;Gaze Data;Brainwave Data;Neuro Design;
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