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A Study on Tendency of Color Consciousness and Preference for Healthcare Environmental Color
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A Study on Tendency of Color Consciousness and Preference for Healthcare Environmental Color
Park, Heykyung; Choi, Inyoung;
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This study is a basic research to suggest user-centered healthcare environmental color, which aims to analyze tendency of color consciousness and preference depending on the user characteristics (generation, gender, residential area, and environment). For this purpose, this study constructed an analysis tool through the literature review with regard to environmental color of healthcare facility and influential factors of color preference. Besides, an online survey regarding general usage and satisfaction, health related color consciousness, and color preference tendency of healthcare facility was conducted targeting from 20s to 60s, total 1,500 persons. The results of this study are as follows: (1) The usage and satisfaction of healthcare facilities were higher for older generation and accessible urban area. (2) The respondents were aware that color and health are related, recognizing `green` as healthy and stress relieving color. Besides, `natural` and `clear` was the highest in health related color image. `Light` which relates to vitality was high as well for older generation. (3) In the color preference tendency survey, hue PB was generally the most highly preferred, in details, younger generation preferred B and R while older generation preferred G. The survey also showed high value and chroma were preferred, while female and younger generation preferred high value of 9.0 and low chroma close to achromatic color, which presented older generation preferred vivid color.
Color Preference;Consciousness;Influential Factors;Environmental Color;Healthcare Facility;
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