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Study on the Starting Time of Attention for Convergent Exploration of Visual Information
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Study on the Starting Time of Attention for Convergent Exploration of Visual Information
Kim, Jong-Ha; Jung, Jae-Young;
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The technique for Eye-tracking is to trace the movements of pupils so that the eye`s exploration response to be digitized. The procedure of Observation Experiment shows a mutual environmental characteristics between men and measuring devices. In order to improve the reliability and to secure the objectivity of the data acquired from eye-tracking, it is very important to analyze the procedures for the experiment to be prepared and the test data to be saved. Based on this viewpoint, the convergent exploration activities at the observation experiment with the objects of sport images were examined to find out what influences the context effect given by experimental environments have on this experiment. In addition, the starting time of attention affecting the reliability of observation data has been estimated. When the observation time is to be subdivided by the unit of second. The attention disperses for the individual characteristics to be appreciated. However, in case of analysis by the overall average, there was the problem that the section of attention dispersed to make it difficult to analyze the subjects` observation features. The study results made it possible to understand the physiological characteristics which were near unconsciousness, when there was an intensive attention for the first 3 seconds and the observation data were shown to be in ordinary range after 4 seconds. The analysis of observation with the focus of the intensive attention enabled the analysis with the first 3 seconds excepted so that it might approach the ordinary range of observation data. The distribution of attention for the first 3 seconds showed the intensive attention, which was on the center. The emergence of intensive attention and the overlapping of the centers can be considered as a context effect due to the correction for the preparing process of experiment. Accordingly, it is thought to be helpful to the security of objectivity and the construction of reliability of eye-tracking data to analyze the observation features shown after the deletion of the data for the first 3 seconds.
Eye-Tracking;Primacy Effect;Context Effect;
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