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Jeong, Seo Young; Ahn, Byung-Duk; Hong, So-Yi; Kong, Eun-Kyoung; Mah, Yon-Joo; Jung, Young-Jung;
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The aim of this study was to assess the outcome of MTA apexification in young permanent anterior teeth. Among the patients with the traumatized permanent incisors which were treated with MTA apexification, the dental records and radiographs were examined only for the patient who had follow-up examination at least 3 months after the treatment. Forty nine patients with 64 teeth were included in this study. Demographic information, location and type of teeth and periodontal injury, pre-treatment periapical lesion, clinical symptoms, status of MTA filling, healing of apical lesion and apical barrier formation after treatment were investigated. The outcome based on clinical and radiographic criteria were assessed. The results were as follows 1. Of 64 immature permanent incisors with MTA apexification, the clinical and radiographic success rates were 89.1% and 73.4%, respectively. 2. The maxillary incisors showed significantly higher success rates than the mandibular incisors. 3. There was no statistically significant difference in success rates among the teeth with different types of teeth and periodontal injury. 4. The status of MTA filling did not influence the clinical and radiographic success.
MTA;Apexification;Trauma;Permanent incisor;
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치근단 형성술 후 약화된 치아의 파절 저항성 보강: 증례보고,이영호;박호원;이주현;서현우;

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