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Analysis of Photoplethysmographic Waveform for Assessment of Pulpal Blood Flow in Children
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of Photoplethysmographic Waveform for Assessment of Pulpal Blood Flow in Children
Kim, Hyo-Eun; Shin, Teo Jeon; Kong, Hyoun-Joong; Kim, Pil-Jong; Hyun, Hong-Keun; Kim, Young-Jae; Kim, Jung-Wook; Jang, Ki-Taeg; Kim, Chong-Chul; Lee, Sang-Hoon;
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The purpose of this study was to analyze photoplethysmographic waveforms from pulse oximeter using raw data of red and infrared light and investigate the reference values of parameters (Height, Width50, Maximum slope, Minimum slope, Area) for evaluating pulpal blood flow in maxillary central incisors with normal pulp vitality in children. The study was performed in 30 pediatric patients, aged 7-16 years old, using pulse oximeter (MEKICS Co., Ltd, Korea) combined with a custom-made sensor. The raw data was obtained and recorded by custom-made software and analyzed by LabChart (v.7.3, ADInstruments, Germany) offline. In this study, we analyzed photoplethysmographic waveforms from pulse oximeter applied to maxillary central incisor for assessment of pulpal blood flow and suggested several reference values of young permanent maxillary central incisor with normal pulp. On average, the waveform of red light was higher, stiffer and wider than that of infrared light. Future studies about reference values for other normal teeth and the teeth with impaired pulp vitality are needed.
Pulse oximeter;Pulpal blood flow;Photoplethysmographic waveform analysis;
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