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Comparative Gene-Expression Analysis of Periodontal Ligament and Dental Pulp in the Human Permanent Teeth
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 Title & Authors
Comparative Gene-Expression Analysis of Periodontal Ligament and Dental Pulp in the Human Permanent Teeth
Lee, Suk Woo; Jeon, Mijeong; Lee, Hyo-Seol; Song, Je Seon; Son, Heung-Kyu; Choi, Hyung-Jun; Jung, Han-Sung; Moon, Seok-Jun; Park, Wonse; Kim, Seong-Oh;
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There is no genetic activity information with the functions of dental pulp and periodontal ligament in human. The purpose of this study was to identify the gene-expression profiles of, and the molecular biological differences between periodontal ligament and dental pulp obtained from human permanent teeth. cDNA microarray analysis identified 347 genes with a fourfold or greater difference in expression level between the two tissue types 83 and 264, of which were more plentiful in periodontal ligament and dental pulp, respectively. Periodontal ligament exhibited strong expression of genes related to collagen synthesis (FAP), collagen degradation (MMP3, MMP9, and MMP13), and bone development and remodeling (SSP1, BMP3, ACP5, CTSK, and PTHLH). Pulp exhibited strong expression of genes associated with calcium ions (CALB1, SCIN, and CDH12) and the mineralization and formation of enamel and dentin (SPARC/SPOCK3, PHEX, AMBN, and DSPP). Among these genes, SPP1, SPARC/SPOCK3, AMBN, and DSPP were well known in dental research. However, the other genes are the newly found and it may help to find a good source of regenerative therapy if further study is performed.
Gene-Expression;Periodontal Ligament;Dental Pulp;Human Permanent Teeth;Korean;
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