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Intentional Replantation of a Root-Fractured Tooth with Pulp Canal Obliteration
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Intentional Replantation of a Root-Fractured Tooth with Pulp Canal Obliteration
Kim, Mihee; Lee, Sangho; Lee, Nanyoung;
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Root fracture is defined as a fracture involving the dentin, cementum, and pulp. Most fractures occur in the maxillary anterior teeth between the ages of 11 and 20 years old. The treatment for root fracture in permanent teeth involves the reduction and fixation of the displaced coronal segment. When signs of pulp necrosis or inflammatory root resorption are present, root canal therapy should be performed. Since most apical fragments maintain pulp vitality, root canal therapy is typically limited to coronal fragments. However, it`s too difficult to achieve a proper apical stop on coronal fragment. Intentional replantation involves performing root apex treatment outside the mouth after intentional extraction of the tooth in a controlled environment and then replanting it. The objective is `perfect` root canal therapy. Intentional replantation may be used in cases of failed typical root canal therapy, problematic endodontic retreatment due to the existing restoration or a calcified root canal, and when apical surgery is contraindicated because of a lack of reasonable approaches. In this case, intentional replantation was carried out to treat a horizontal root fracture in a maxillary central incisor with a calcified root canal due to previous trauma. We achieved a clinically and functionally satisfactory result.
Intentional replantation;Horizontal root fracture;Pulp canal obliteration;Retrograde filling;
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