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A Protein Sensory System Comprising a Fluorescent Conjugated Polyelectrolyte and DNA Aptamer
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  • Journal title : Textile Science and Engineering
  • Volume 52, Issue 6,  2015, pp.373-378
  • Publisher : The Korean Fiber Society
  • DOI : 10.12772/TSE.2015.52.373
 Title & Authors
A Protein Sensory System Comprising a Fluorescent Conjugated Polyelectrolyte and DNA Aptamer
Son, Jihye; Kim, Choongho; Lee, Taek Seung;
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A water-soluble anionic conjugated polyelectrolyte was successfully synthesized via the Suzuki cross-coupling reaction in the presence of a palladium catalyst. Using this fluorescent polyelectrolyte, a new concept for a rapid, label-free lysozyme-sensing method is proposed via possible naked-eye detection of the emission color change. Intermolecular exciton migration in the conjugated polyelectrolyte-based complex was adopted to enhance the selectivity and sensitivity for lysozyme sensing by the formation and dissociation of the polymer-lysozyme assay complex in the absence and presence of the anti-lysozyme aptamer, respectively. The polymer-lysozyme complex showed red emission because of cooperative aggregation of the conjugated polyelectrolyte and lysozyme. Upon exposure to the aptamer, the complex dissociated into individual molecules, resulting in a transparent blue-emitting solution. This occurred because lysozyme is released from the complex by the aptamer via the more favorable binding between the two molecules (lysozyme and aptamer).
conjugated polyelectrolyte;sensors;fluorescence;lysozyme;emission color change;aptamer;
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