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Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber Compounds Reinforced with Milled Carbon Fibers and Carbon Blacks
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  • Journal title : Textile Science and Engineering
  • Volume 53, Issue 2,  2016, pp.91-96
  • Publisher : The Korean Fiber Society
  • DOI : 10.12772/TSE.2016.53.091
 Title & Authors
Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber Compounds Reinforced with Milled Carbon Fibers and Carbon Blacks
Ham, Eun-Kwang; Choi, Kyeong-Eun; Seo, Min-Kang;
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This study investigated the mechanical properties of natural rubber (NR) compounds reinforced with carbon black (CB) and milled carbon fiber (MCF). An internal mixer and a two-roll-mill were used to prepare natural rubber compounds using various MCF concentrations (0, 2, 6, 12, 17 phr), and to align the MCF in the compounds. The tensile properties, tearing strength, and hardness of the compounds were measured. The study found that compounds with 40 phr CB and 2 phr MCF had the highest tensile strength. Compounds with higher MCF concentrations had greater hardness and tensile stress (100% modulus~300% modulus). Compounds with 40 phr CB and 6 phr MCF were found to have greater tearing strength. These results were probably due to the fact that high elasticity MCF was used, resulting in improved cohesion in the compounds.
natural rubbers;milled carbon fibers;carbon blacks;compounds;mechanical properties;
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